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Welcome to our online Allsure Insurance website. We are your leading resource to inquire on how to find the best life insurance, health insurance solutions, and annuity plans in Texas or nationwide. Our expertise extends to individuals, families, retirees,and small businesses who are researching on the web with the intent on finding the best and affordable plans to meet their financial goals and needs.

Life Insurance Quotes

Whether if you live in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Waco Texas, our term life insurance quote engine allows you and our clients to research their life insurance quotes without worrying about multiple agents bothering them. If you happen to live outside of Texas, Allsure Insurance is licensed in many other states and our quote engine has all 50 states available at your leisure. Our quote engine is unique in that when you input your information, you will receive all the rates (Non-Tobacco/Tobacco) from Preferred Plus, Preferred, Regular Plus, and Regular spreadsheet setting. We feel that this format is important due to the fact that you can review all the rates so that we can determine which company will be the best fit for you. Preliminary underwriting would include: Age, Height/Weight, Cholesterol Level, Recent Blood Pressure reading, and Family History.


With market uncertainty effecting retirees and businesses, an annuity policy could be an alternative to their fixed assets portfolio that are currently offering low interest rates. Currently, our focus is for retirees who are concerned about the low interest rates CD's and Treasuries bonds are currently offering them and also have concerns about the solvency of these institutions. An annuity could be a powerful financial tool for those who want:

  1. Tax Deferral on your earnings
  2. Competitive Interest Rates as compared to CD's and money market accounts
  3. No Downside risk on fixed and equity indexed annuities
  4. Lifetime payout options

Health Insurance Quotes in Texas

If you or your business are in the market for a Health Insurance Quote in Texas, please feel free to use our quote engine for individual family, health plans or our small group questionnaire to fill out your company information. Our quote engine for individual family health plans is designed to allow you to sample the up to date health plans available here in Texas. It does not matter if you live in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or any of our smaller cities or towns,just complete your information and within seconds you will have your health insurance quotes. For the small group questionnaire, just complete the form and will we email your small group health plans that same day. Allsure Insurance is licensed with Texas Health Insurance Companies such as: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, UnitedHealth Care, Humana, and Aetna.

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